In the Modern Foreign Language department at LMDC, we aim for our pupils to become resilient and competent linguists who are open-minded and have a broad cultural awareness.

They will gain strong knowledge of phonics to enable them to converse confidently and pronounce new vocabulary correctly.  They will learn how to manipulate grammar to allow them to personalise information and retain core phrases that can be recycled in a large number of situations.  

Language will be taught in chunks (as opposed to individual words) as this helps pupils fluency and long-term memory recall. Grammar is taught using familiar vocabulary.

KS3 curriculum aims at learning about cultures in different francophone countries with a big focus on communication. SOL follows MARSEARS structure (Conti)

  1. Modelling - Core structures/chunks are presented and modelled in context through repetition and reading allowed
  2. Awareness Raising - (pop-up grammar) through reading and speaking activities like Mexican Wave, Bob-up
  3. Receptive Processing - Practicings core phrases through Sentence Building activities
  4. Structured Productions - Intensive scaffolded and highly controlled production practice including translation tasks
  5. Expansion - Structures are learnt in greater depth and practised with old and new vocabulary.  Explicit work on grammar.
  6. Autonomy - extensive oral and written practice in which the scaffolding is gradually faded out and spoken and written output is produced by pupils with little support. Focus is on fast retrieval (automaticity)
  7. Routinisation - training in fluent recall. 
  8. Spontaneity - communicative tasks, Spontaneous production of written/spoken language; practise in unfamiliar contexts and combining previously learnt language.

Student achievement in French is very high: GCSE results this year showed that our students performed significantly above national average. This excellent outcome is made possible by the hard work of all students and the dedication of staff composed of highly qualified teachers who offer support and revision classes on a weekly basis.