Our Staff

Teaching staff 2021/22

Senior Leadership Team

Mrs. V. Tomlin Principal
Mr. M. Ramsay  Deputy Head Teacher
Mr. J. Dodd Assistant Head Teacher
Miss. J. Divers Assistant Head Teacher
Mr. M. Ward Assistant Head Teacher
Mrs. J. Liddle School Administrator

Heads of House

Cobo:  Mr. J. Breedt Click to Email
Rocquaine:  Miss. C. Broomfield Click to Email
Vazon:  Mrs. E. Hughes Click to Email

Teaching Staff

Miss. E. Ascott English
Mr. J. Breedt HoH (Cobo), Mathematics
Miss. C. Falaize HoH (Rocquaine), Mathematics
Mrs. J. Champion HoD History
Mr. J. Cleal HoD IT
Miss. R. Daly Science, Triple Science
Mrs. R. Connor Science
Miss. A. Din Assistant SENCo, Mathematics
Miss. J. Divers Assistant Head Teacher, Food Technology
Mr. J. Dodd Assistant Head Teacher, Drama
Mr. C. Goddard History
Mrs. H. Hadwen Mathematics
Ms. S. Hewitt HoD Mathematics
Mrs. E. Hughes HoH (Vazon), HoD Careers,PE, Games, PSHE
Mrs. E. Jenner-Ingrouille HOD Science
Mrs. L. Johnson Science
Mrs. T. Kincaid HoD French
Miss. C. Le Tissier Cover Supervisor
Miss. E. Le Tocq HoD R.E.
Mr. G. Lee P.E., Games, Drama
Mr. S. Lee HoD P.E., Games, Drama
Mr. P. Lojszczyk Science, Triple Science
Mr. G. Lowther Art & Design, Graphics, Food Technology
Mrs. E. Mauger HoD PSHE, Geography
Mrs. S. Neild-Le Conte Inclusion Manager
Ms. S. Pogson HoD Performing Arts
Mr. M. Ramsay Deputy Head Teacher, Science
Mr. A. Ross Design & Technology, I.T.
Ms. W. Shapcott HoD Art, Design & Technology, Resistant Materials
Mr. G. Thomas HoD English
Mr. L. Thomas HoD Geography
Mrs. V. Tomlin Principal
Ms. J. Tooze 2nd in English
Mrs. K. Vaudin P.E., Games, Food Technology
Miss. G. Vidal MFL French
Mr. M. Ward Assistant Head Teacher, Careers, PSHE
Mr. P. Woodward 2nd in Science
Learning Support
Support Staff from CIAS
Support Staff from SEBD
Support Staff