The Curriculum

An equal focus on wellbeing & academic development.

The Curriculum

The Bailiwick Big Picture Curriculum has been written with a view to prepare the children and young people of our islands for the opportunities and challenges of living in the 21st century and its principles are embedded in our curriculum.

KS4 Options

As a school we are committed to providing all students with a personalised and fully inclusive curriculum that best meets their needs as individual members of the school community.  This may involve a variety of support and intervention strategies at any stage in their journey.  We aim to provide a learning environment where all students can succeed.  Our curriculum is designed to prepare learners for the complexities of the world outside the classroom.

We ensure that all students have full access to The Bailiwick Curriculum through the use of visiting specialist teachers alongside our own staff.  Our Inclusion Manager is able to offer further advice on modifications to the curriculum and develop personal learning plans for students according to their individual needs.

The Subjects


English is a subject that provides the skills required for a successful journey through life.


Mathematics is the means of looking at the patterns that make up our world


Geography aims to help students make well-informed judgements about current issues


History is where students learn to enjoy and be therefore motivated to study the past.

Art & DT

Art, Design and Technology Department consists of Art, Photography, 3D Design and Food Technology.


Modern Foreign Language focuses on French, being an official language of the United Nations, NATO or OECD


Information Communication Technology impacts all subjects studies within a school environment. 

Physical Education

Physical Education aims to engage, enthuse and promote student’s positive attitudes towards physical activity and sport.