School Uniform

High standards of dress and personal appearance for all students are an important part of the School.  We expect students to take pride in their appearance and in being a member of the school community. 

All items, unless indicated, are available from a number of uniform retailers whose details are at the bottom of the page.

Uniform Allowance – The States of Guernsey operates a means-tested grant scheme to help parents with the cost of buying school uniforms. Grants are awarded on a sliding scale dependent on the parents’ residual income once certain allowances have been made. For further information visit:

All items of clothing should be clearly marked with the student’s name.   


Black blazer with School logo on the left chest pocket.  

To be worn at all times.

Jumper - Years 7-10

V necked Maroon pullover with School logo. (Optional). 

Jumper – Year 11

V necked Black pullover with School logo. (Optional)


House Ties should be worn at all times. 

Year 11 may opt to wear the Year 11 Black/Grey tie.

Trousers / Skirt

Standard Black full length trousers, Black box pleat tailored skirt of appropriate length.  (Leggings, jeggings, jeans or similar items are not acceptable).

Tailored school shorts.  These must be suitable school wear only and are available only from uniform retailers.

If a belt is required then it must be plain black.

Shirts / Blouses

A white long sleeved or short sleeved shirt. 


Shoes should be smart black sensible shoes. (This does not include black trainers, boots, backless, stiletto, canvas, ballet pumps, sling-back or toeless shoes). 

Socks / Tights

Socks must be plain white (no sports logos) with a skirt or plain black with trousers. Trainer socks are not permitted. Tights must  be Clear or Black colour.


A sensible school coat which can be worn over the school blazer to and from school and outside during lunchtime.  These should not be worn during lessons, between lessons or during morning break. 


Students may wear one pair of plain stud earrings and a wrist watch.  No other jewellery may be worn (including rings, bracelets, facial piercings, bars or belly button piercings).

Make-Up, Nails & Hair

Discrete makeup may be worn.

Nail varnish/nail extensions/Gels should not be worn.  False eyelashes or coloured (cosmetic) contact lenses are not permitted.

Hair colour and hairstyles should not be extreme.  Hair should be worn off the face and in a smart, sensible style.  If you have doubt about a hairstyle/colour please check with the school before any change takes place. 

No extreme styles.  Tramlines and other razored patterns are not allowed.  Grade 2 minimum. 


An apron for Food Technology is available from the school (students will be advised when this is required).


Physical Education

T Shirt

Navy Blue/Sky Blue Falcon polo shirt with school logo

Hooded Top/Sports Jumper

Navy Blue/Sky Blue Falcon hooded top/sports jumper with school logo (optional)

Shorts / Skort

Navy Blue/Sky Blue Falcon

Rugby Shirt

Navy Blue/Sky Blue Falcon with school logo


Plain white sports socks

Navy Blue with a Sky Blue top Football socks


Sports Trainers and Football/Rugby boots (suitable for astro turf/field).


Black swim shorts or one piece swimming suit

Swim cap

Goggles optional

Hockey, Football & Rugby

Shin Pads

Mouth guards/gum shields (fitted) for all hockey and rugby lessons


Students must have a note of explanation from parents/carers if for any reason they are not wearing the required uniform and it must be agreed with the relevant Head of House when this will be resolved.

Motorcyclists and pedal cyclists should wear suitable protective clothing.

Books and equipment should be carried in a substantial bag, which should fit inside the locker.

If students or parents/carers are in any doubt as to what is acceptable within this policy please contact the Head of House who will be able to provide guidance.